To be an effective solo singing, you must have subtle accents (attack on the note). When a singer initially hits a note, his or her attack (approach on that note or phrase) is what sets an artist apart. When we are anticipating something challenging to sing, we often tighten our muscles and hold our breath, which causes constriction and that is what you don’t want to happen.

The attack on the note is about giving a particular note, syllable, or word more stress than others. As air passing from the lungs through the larynx while the vocal cords (folds/ligaments) are drawn together; leaving narrow spaces for the air to pass through in short, rapid pulsations or vibrations. When singing a note, it is desirable that the release of breath and the attack of the tone should occur simultaneously. The attack describes the process of the singer first hitting a note, as in “his or her attack on the note was a bit harsh, or soft and gentle. You are putting air through the vocal folds causing them to vibrate. As this occurs you will feel resonating in these different areas: check, throat, mouth, nasal (mask-sinus area) or head.

I have attached a video of Malia Alinaya singing and you can hear the subtle attack on the notes.


What do you get if you cross a serpent and a trumpet? A snake in the brass!

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