• Michelle Ostrove


I’ve worked with thousands of singers over the years and everyone wishes they sounded more like another singer. We are all born with certain gifts and talents, your voice is a gift that you should embrace and accept it for all that it is.

Trying to compare your voice with someone else is like a crow saying to a hummingbird “I wish I sounded like you”! Insane right! Everyone has their own sound, some more nasally, some higher or lower in pitch, some clearer or brighter and some darker or raspy. Accept your voice with all the good and what you might consider not so good. Just remember, what you don’t like other people absolutely love! Embrace what you have and use it to the best of your abilities. Make peace with your strengths and weaknesses, but focus on the strengths! You must listen to your voice as if you are listening to another singer. We all sound funny to ourselves in the beginning. But to be a great singer and to be confident in your voice you must get past the disapproval in your own mind.

Recording yourself and listening back is an extremely powerful way to improve your vocal technique and improve your singing voice over time. The more your practice and recording your singing (using it to your advantage), the more you will train your ears to listen as you sing. You do not have to be born with a good voice, you can create a good voice with training and practice. If you have the desire and motivation anything is possible! Listen to Lexie Torres singing "Almost Is Never Enough" with beautiful tone, resonance, vibrato and runs!


How many Folk Singers does it take to change a light bulb? One to change it and 5 to sing about how good the old one was

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