• Michelle Ostrove


A singer is someone who mimics the artist that recorded a song on the radio. An artist has a distinct and recognizable sound like Elton John, Cher, Billie Eilish or Lady Gaga. Do you want to be a singer and blend in with other singers or do you want to be an artist and stand out from the crowd?

An artist creates his or her own musical style, a sound all their own. Whereas a singer copies the artist exactly as the he or she sings the song. To be an artist you must start thinking about your brand. You must have a vision of what needs to be developed and protect your image. The brand has to do with the way you look, your style, your sound, music genre, do you play an instrument? Elton John and Lady Gaga play piano, as well as singing. Slash just plays guitar, but what a brand he has crafted.

The first thing to do is hone your talent, whether it’s singing, playing piano, or both, work on your craft first and foremost. Next, start thinking about what types of music you will present to the world; Country, Rock, Gospel, R&B, or a combo of two? What image or look do you see for yourself? When you are thinking about these things remember you need to stand out from the crowd. You want to be distinctly different! Listen to the incredible voice of Audrey Diaz, 14 years old, singing “Settling” with a smooth bluesy, distinctly different sound all her own!


Why did the pianist keep banging his head against the keys? He was playing by ear.

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