Moving From One Register To Another Smoothly

A solo singer needs to smoothly transition between the head, and chest voice. The middle voice can be tricky to navigate. You may have heard the term “bridging the registers” or “blending the registers”, which is simply moving from one vocal register to another seamlessly. Thus removing all signs of a shift in the voice

The transition between registers is called “Passaggio” which means passage in Italian.

The sudden change in tone between each register is caused by vocal tension. Your throat muscles are constricting, closing the throat. Here are a few tips to help build a smooth transition.

1. Choose a vowel sound that feels good to you such as ‘ah’ or ‘me’.

2. Imitate a siren, starting on a low note, gradually ascend to a much higher note and then gradually descend back down to the low note.

3. As I mention in a previous blog, keep the back of the mouth and throat open as you gradually ascend and descend. (Open your mouth and take a slow breath in. You will feel the back of your mouth and throat open.) That open throat is what you should feel as you go up and down imitating a siren.

4. Control your breath and keep it steady.

Listen to the video of Lexie Torres as she moves seamlessly from one register to another.


What's the difference between a jet airplane and a trumpet? About three decibels.

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