Most music genres could sound better in utilizing a controlled voice. Some country and pop stars have a very nasal sounding voice. You can determine the big difference between a nasal voice and a non-nasal voice by plugging your nose while singing. Nasality is used in some genres of music. A lazy soft palate results in a nasal sound

Everyone has a slightly different quality to their voice. People that speak with a nasal voice can sound as though they’re speaking through a clogged-up nose. A deviated septum, allergies, hyponasality or a nasal obstruction can create that sound in a voice. Everyone has two palates; the hard palate, which starts at the back of your teeth to middle of the roof of your mouth. The second one is your soft palate, which is behind the hard palate, located on the roof of your mouth. As your sing, the soft palate rises until it presses against the back of your throat. This creates a seal that controls the amount of air that passes through your nose depending on the sounds you sing.

If you want to decrease or eliminate the nasal tone in your singing voice, keep an open throat. Say the mum and notice how the back of your throat opens because the soft palate stays up. A nasal tone is not bad. We each have a uniquely different sounding tone, no two voices are exactly alike. It’s up to you and how you want to sound. Brittany Spears has made millions with a nasal tone.


Why couldn’t anyone find the famous composer?

Because he was Hayden (hiding)

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