Proper technique is the way you carry out a performance whether it is singing or playing piano; good technique is the execution of the song. It is the ability to exert optimal control of the piano or your singing voice. Improving your technique entails practicing exercises that strengthen your muscular sensitivity and agility.

For a singer, here are some ways to improve technique:

Relax your facial muscles: release tension in the lips, tongue and jaw. Having a relaxed face helps you to sing the high notes as well as hitting the low notes. Try a huge yawn to stretch your jaw. (See 10/3 Singing and Playing With Ease)

Proper breathing; Practice taking big breaths and staying relaxed in a standing position with your hand placed on your diaphragm. Inhaling too much air may cause pressure to build in your throat. On the other hand, too little air will weaken the voice; this is why you should master how to control airflow by controlling your diaphragm. (See 7/27 blog on Breathing)

Vocal Stamina: The ability to sing for a long period of time without any problems. Vocal stamina can be improved by working on vocal technique exercises daily.

Good vocal mechanism: This implies having a nice vocal cord closure plus a leveled to lowered larynx. Proper vocal cord closure helps to control the airflow into the mouth; cords that don’t close cleanly may cause your voice to sound “eerie”. Also, a level position of the larynx results in the perfect singing voice.

For piano, there are lots of exercises books you can buy to strengthen your performance. Work on your scales, chords & inversions of the chords, arpeggios, and cadences to strengthen your technique.

Listen to Milania Prince singing "Set Fire To The Rain" and how she executes each note!


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