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To set the mood for a song, the singer must first put themselves into that state internally. To set the tone and mood for the audience, it must come from the singer’s internal self to project that emotion externally. Many other factors are used to help with it, like lighting, instrumental introduction, but for the song to exude the feeling, it must come from within the vocalist.

What kind of techniques do singers and pianists use to help the audience feel that emotion? Dynamics, which are the loudness and softness of notes being sung or played on the piano. It is a way to show expression in sheet music and it drives the emotional content of the song with volume and intensity. Crescendo (gradually getting louder) and Decrescendo ( gradually getting softer) add color and depth to a song. Here are some of the dynamic symbols used in music notation for playing piano.

· pp – Pianissimo – very soft

· p – Piano – soft

· mp – Mezzo piano – medium-soft

· mf – Mezzo forte – medium-loud

· f – Forte – loud*

· ff – Fortissimo – very loud

· fff – Triple forte – even louder**

Listen to the Colquitt County A Cappella Choir singing at the St. Paul’s Within The Walls (also known as the American Church) in Rome, Italy. Watch how the Conductor Travis Kern leads the choir in dynamics to create an amazing sound during their rehearsal. I had the privilege of touring through Rome with them as a special guest.


What kind of music do bunnies like? Hip Hop.

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