• Michelle Ostrove

Sing Or Play Like A Pro

To sing or play like a pro you must understand tempo. Here is an example of tempo - let’s imagine walking a dog. You are walking at a slow and steady pace for a while. Then out of no where, your dog sees another dog and bolts toward the other dog at a lightning pace, pulling you along and you can barely hold on to the leash. That is the concept of tempo

The tempo of piece of music is the pace or the speed at which a song is played or sung. The tempo or tempi (plural form of tempo) can create a feeling of intensity or it can create a feeling of relaxation. The speed of music is measured in beats per minute or BPM (example 60 BPM is slow or 160 BPM is faster). A metronome is used to play at an accurate and consistent pace. You can find different sounding metronomes on Youtube.

Like a heartbeat, the tempo is the pulse of the song; it is the underlying beat. In classical music, many pieces have sections that slow down or speed up to show expression; this is called rubato. Sometimes the tempo is written at the beginning of a song; this is called a tempo marking.

Here are a few:

Largo = very slow

Adagio = slow

Moderato = moderate

Allegro = fast

Presto = very fast


What kind of a band doesn’t play music? A Rubber Band!!

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