• Michelle Ostrove


Many people think that falsetto and singing in your head voice is the same thing, but that is not true. You may be resonating in the head voice, but the sound is quite different.

The head voice produces a richer and balanced (fuller) sound. When you sing in falsetto you produce a breathy lighter version of the high notes. Falsetto is a way of singing fluty, hollow and light. You can hear falsetto in the chorus of Maroon 5’s chorus for Sugar.

Singing in a full head voice (mixed with middle voice) there is a strong, solid anchored sound without going breathy and fluty. Listen to Freddie Mercury sing “Somebody to Love”; he produces a powerful and solid production of the high notes. This means that singing in falsetto or head voice are two different approaches to singing the high notes.

Listen to Alexi Myers singing in “Love On The Brain”; when she hits those high notes, she is singing in falsetto.


Why is a guitar like a car? Because it’s best when it’s tuned up.

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