• Michelle Ostrove

Singing Or Playing Piano From Your Soul!

Singing is a primal and healthy activity for every human being. Music is a wonderful release; taking you to another place, just like reading a book. So whether it is learning to sing or play the piano better, you want to put your heart and soul into your activity.

Visualize the vocalist or pianist you want to be. If it’s just for your own enjoyment, that’s great. If you have bigger aspirations…visualize yourself in the future and who you want to become. If you can see it in your mind, you can become it. You’ve heard the old saying “you are what you eat”; it’s also true with your mind, “you are what you think”.

When you are singing or playing piano in a show/performance or just in your living room with family, you need to give it your best. Use everything you’ve got internally, let it out, feel the song, other’s will feel what your are feeling. Don’t’ hold back (don’t be constipated in your performance!) let it all out. Fear of being judged or criticized is what holds you back. Check out MC's video channeling Janis Joplin!


How do you fix a broken brass instrument?

With a tuba glue.

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