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Tension is a singer and pianist’s worst enemy. Yoga or deep stretching before you sing or play will show you where you’re holding tension. Deep breathing exercises also help. Performing in front of people (even if it’s just one person) can cause tension.

For a singer, your mouth and jaw should open and close freely, your facial muscles, lips, tongue, neck, and shoulders should move without tension, and your eyes should be relaxed and alive. If you read aloud, the above sentences, notice you didn’t hold your breath and you exhaled as you spoke without even thinking about it. Now sing the sentence and it should feel the same way. If you take a breath and hold it right before you sing, you are creating tension. Sometimes you need to take a short, quick breath to finish a phrase or hold a note.

For a pianist, holding tension in your neck, arms and torso will hinder your playing. Take a few deep breaths slowly and exhale slowly. Allow the tension to flow out of you with the exhale; then begin playing. It’s ok to pause and take a moment to prepare to play.

Listen to Sophia sing "BETTER" so relaxed with natu


What song does Saturn sing?

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it! Beyonce’s song

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