When a singer is singing in their head voice it is described as vibration felt in the upper half of your face. It is the sound that you experience in your skull or your head when you are singing at a high voice level. If you try to make a siren sound like “WEE-oww” or Waaaaaahhhhhh”, you will feel the vibration in your head.

Your vocal cords are still hard at work. However,

the predominant resonator is your sinus area. It does not mean other vocal structures are not resonating. It just means more resonance is happening in your sinus area.

There is no better way to get familiar with your voice than to experiment. I could tell you what to do, but if you can’t feel what you are doing to reproduce it, not going to get very far. Here are a few fun exercises to get you started:

Hum a note, and take the pitch up and down slowly. Close your eyes, while doing the exercise. Do you feel the vibration moving up and down? Try doing the same thing with a different vowel sounds, like “ee”, “oo”, or “ah”. What happens if you try to buzz like a bee while singing a note? For my students, the first two exercises on my Vocal CD (Bubble – Prrr and the “R” Roll) really help with this as well. Both exercises have you go through each register with a smooth transition and you can feel the vibration in each resonating chamber. I have attached Brogan singing "Burn", this song uses the head voice.


Why was the musician arrested? He was in treble

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