• Michelle Ostrove


When it comes to singing, don’t worry about trying to get everything right all at once. It’s a process and it takes time and persistence to perfect vocal techniques. Sometimes a new client will try to over complicate instructions. I like to keep it simple and try to explain things from a few different angles.

It is necessary to warm up before practicing or performing. Warming up prevents vocal fatigue and reduces the chance of damaging your vocal cords. If athletes warm up before practice or a game, then it is just as important for a singer to warm up the throat muscles and vocal cords.

If you can, record yourself singing and listen back without being hypercritical of yourself. Listen to your recording as if you were listening to another singer and giving them feedback. Listening to your self can be one of the hardest things to do, but it is a valuable learning tool.

Always stay relaxed, if you tense up this will cause problems. Tension in the body (throat, jaw, and throughout the body) will cause strain in the voice. Try not to worry about what others think and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; everyone makes mistakes. Listen to Lexie Torres singing “Rolling In The Deep.” She has been working on making the song her own.


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