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Are you straining to sing those high notes? Is your voice wearing out and sore after singing for any length of time? Here are a few tips to help with breath, hitting high notes, technique and more.

When hitting high notes, think down not up! Think of a seesaw, when one side goes down the other side goes up. Give your high notes plenty of push down if you want the high note to pop up on the other end!

When you sing, just breathe naturally like you are talking. You never run out of air in the middle of a sentence. When you are about to say something, you don’t actively take a breath before speaking. Your mind and body know how much air you need when you are about to say something. For the most part the same rule applies to your singing. When you focus on taking a breath throughout the song it can cause tension. If you read this paragraph out loud, you would not focus on taking a large enough breath for each sentence. The air intake for singing is the same concept, just breath naturally. Now, there are times when you have a long phrase or sustain a note at the end of a long phrase; vocal exercises will help with breathing with those areas. They help with breath control and expanding your lung capacity.

Another tip is, listen to your favorite singers and choose different genres. Each genre has different style choices for the vocalist. You will learn so much more by listening to classical, pop, country, rock and musical theater. You can pick up some great tools to add to your vocal technique.

Singing a song without a variety volume is really boring. Using the same sound dimensions from start to finish will put your audience to sleep. You need to add dynamics (loudness and softness) in your vocals. When you stress or emphasize different words throughout the song and express emotion; this adds variety and spice to your singing. Emotion and feel need to be in your performance of the song. Choose songs that you care about. When a vocalist is young, they usually attach emotionally to the music and the beat (not really understanding the lyrics), or possible a hook (phrase). They connect to song because of the feeling. Make sure you choose songs that you are emotionally connected to in some way.

Make it a habit to always warm up your voice and keep your voice in tip-top shape. Practice regularly in order to keep your range and vocal techniques sharp. Remember if you don’t use it (your singing voice) you will lose it.


What do you call clean music? A soap opera!

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