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Social media has totally changed the game in the music and entertainment industry. From streaming songs on itunes and spotify to launching someone completely unknown into stardom! Social media has completely changed all the rules. Many artists like Shawn Mendes, Halsey and Justin Bieber used social media to get where they are today. More and more people are using the social media platform to share their talent and get discovered.

How did they do it? Halsey’s life was changed in one night, after she posted her song “Ghost” on SoundCloud. Once her song was finished in the studio, she posted the song on SoundCloud and an hour later she logged onto Twitter. Her Twitter account was blowing up! The next morning she had record labels contacting her, wanting her to sign with them according to Rolling Stone.

Shawn Mendes would make six-second videos of himself singing cover songs on Vine. Because of these unique posts his following jumped to 300,000 followers and got the attention of Island Records and other record labels (he was 15) and he now has an amazing career with millions of followers on social media.

Justin Bieber would post videos of himself singing cover songs on Youtube and caught the eye of Usher and Scooter Braun (Manager) and the rest was history. Justin now has 60.4 million followers on Youtube. Contact your local vocal coach or piano teacher for music lessons to polish your talent! Polish your singing voice and piano playing today.

Bring your A-game to the social media platform and see what happens! Check out Chelsko’s latest song “Faithful” on her channel Youtube.


“When she started to play, Steinway came down personally and rubbed his name off the piano.” Bob Hope

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