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Yes, you can build a wider range for your vocal sound, it is possible and should be a weekly goal. The goal is to extending your vocal range higher and lower when you sing. Every voice can learn to sing higher and lower. It’s like stretching your legs, arms and torso the first time, you are stiff and not very flexible. But as you daily/weekly work at it, you are able to stretch further and further. It’s the same with your voice, if you don’t try to singer higher and lower, it will never happen, you have to challenge yourself and continuously work at it. Have you ever noticed if you stop singing for weeks or a month and go back to sing a song and cannot hit the high and low notes! You can lose the progress you’ve made if you stop working at it.

Singing from your core (lungs, diaphragm, stomach muscles) for those higher and lower notes is the way to build with a solid foundation. Using your core muscles and keeping an open throat. An open throat feels similarly to a yawn.

I use the bubble (motor boat sound, purr, also called lip trills) and tongue trills (I like to call “R” Rolls, like rolling your R’s in Spanish); they are wonderful exercises to increase your range without harming your voice in any way. I also like to listen to and sing with other inspirational singers that challenge me vocally. It is a wonderful learning tool to listen to different singers (different styles) and how they approach higher and lower notes. Are they changing the vowel sound when they go higher? What do you hear?

A daily practice of 15 minutes of vocal exercises and then another 15 to 30 minutes working on a specific song. Have fun and use 30 minutes or more periodically throughout the day singing songs with your favorite artists. Choose challenging songs that make you a better singer. If you pay attention, you will see a gradually increase in your range. Use proper technique, set realistic goals, and practice daily. Listen to Juan D singing "Ali Di Liberta," with beautiful tone and expanded vocal range.


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