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Vocal cord problems include various symptoms and are mostly caused by abuse and misuse of the singing voice. Overuse of the voice, such as singing incorrectly will cause strain and over time will create vocal cord dysfunction

The vocal cords are two bands of elastic muscle tissue and they can be strained and damaged. They are subject to infections, tumors and trauma when misused.

The most common symptoms are raspy or hoarse voice, which is caused by inflamed vocal cords and can cause laryngitis. Other symptoms are a rough voice, a scratchy voice, harsh sounding voice, shooting pain from ear to ear, feeling like a lump is in your throat and neck pain. These are symptoms of nodules or polyps from strain, misuse and damage to your vocal folds (cords) while singing.

Using your voice too much, yelling or shouting at a game, singing loudly with poor vocal technique, cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol intake, acid reflux or exposure to chemicals are all ways to abuse your singing voice and can cause a raspy or hoarse voice.

The best thing you can do for an irritated singing voice is to give the vocal cords a break! Try not to talk for a few days and let them heal. Irritation and painful inflammation just take time to heal. If you feel like you are straining when you sing, call for a voice lessons with a vocal coach. A professional vocal coach can help you with proper technique.


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