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Updated: Mar 15

If you had two famous singers, let’s use Ariana Grande and Sheryl Crow, sing the same song; the song would sound distinctly different because each singer brings a unique articulation and tone in their vocal performance. Each singer has taken the strengths in their voice to the next level. Let’s look at some ways to take your voice to the next level.

The music world in America has become lazy in the area of diction (pronouncing words) which has carried over into singing. Using proper diction means the listener should hear the first letter and the last letter in a word. It is important to close out your words when you sing. It may be very slight, but it really makes a difference. Diction (enunciation) is one way to take your voice to the next level (see blog 8/3/20 “How To Achieve Good Diction”).

Some other aspects are the accent (emphasis on words), inflection, intonation (see blog 8/5/20 Intonation for Singers & Playing Piano), and the sound quality you produce when you sing. The articulation (expression, enunciation and delivery) of each word, the primary structure of each word from beginning to end. The clarity in the production of each word along with the length of sound and shape for each word (see blog 1/21/21 “Mastering Vocalization”).

To really make your voice shine and stand out, you need to work on the molding and shaping of every word you sing. Record yourself and then, listen back as critically as you can, see if you can clearly understand the words you’re singing. Listen to Malia Alinaya sing “Hey Soul Sister” with her sassy and beautiful deliver of the song in her voice!


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