All types of music can be broken down into different techniques and stylistic choices. Contemporary music singers use a few different techniques to create their unique sound. What kind of music is contemporary music? The genres would include: pop, soul, r&b, rock, jazz, blues, electronic/dance, hip-hop, funk and country. Each genre uses the following four techniques to create their own unique sound.

The first technique is vocal fry; this technique is used to create a sultry, raspy sound. You can create this sound by bringing the vocal folds (cords) together loosely, so they are partially connected. You can hear it in the beginning of the song Toxic by Britney Spears (See Vocal Fry – The Sexy Growl blog 10/7/20).

The second technique used is diphthong; which is when two vowel sounds are next to each other in a word. The second vowel is the diphthong. This happens when one vowel sound moves into the second vowel sound like “night” “n-ih-ee-t” (See “A Method Used To Help Create a Singing Style – Diphthong” posted 11/16/20).

The third technique deals with diction or enunciation of words. Each of these genres has their own unique way of pronunciation. Pop singers really experiment with this and bend the rules. You can hear Katy Perry sing “me” as “may”; Sia really bends the rules, just listen to “Chandelier.” Listen to the video attached as Audrey Diaz sings Adele’s song “One and Only”; listen to her unique way of enunciating the words (See “Achieving Good Diction” posted 8/3/20).

The fourth vocal technique used is using breathiness (aspirate) in your voice. It is a very effective way to relay an intimate and sensual sound. This is done by not allowing the vocal folds to come together enough to produce a clear sound (See “Creating A Breath Sound” posted 10/9/20).

Experiment with these different techniques until you find the desired sound that is uniquely you. These ideas will help you achieve you artistic goal as a singing artist. If you would like help learning how to do it properly, find a professional vocal coach in your area or give me a call (online classes are available if you are not in the area).


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