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Did you know that singing and playing piano are good for you on many levels. Every singer and pianist have one thing in common, you need to be in tune and play or sing the correct notes. Learning to consistently sing on pitch playing the correct notes on the piano is an is an important first step. Learning to sing or play an instrument can benefit your body in many ways.

There are many perks for any singer or musician, here are some of the benefits: lowering your stress level, it boosts your immune system, helps lung function, enhances your memory, is a positive influence on your mental health and it also helps you cope with emotional and physical pain. Another benefit (as we discussed in a recent blog) it makes you smarter (read blog “How Music Makes You Smarter posted 6/10/21)). You don’t even have to be good to reap the benefits!

True story: A grandmother brought her granddaughter in for voice lessons a few years back (the teen was suicidal). The high school student (we’ll call her Sara) came for a few years and developed a beautiful singing voice. Just recently the grandmother came back with another granddaughter and told me that Sara was on the verge of suicide when she brought her to me. I’m thrilled to say she is now in college and living her best life. The grandmother said the voice lessons saved Sara’s life. The music turned her around mentally from a suicidal teenager into a productive and happy college student!

Singing or playing an instrument can be done as a form of religion, a hobby, a source of pleasure or comfort. It does not matter why you are taking voice lessons or piano lessons; you are still reaping all of these amazing benefits!


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