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The Key To A Beautiful Singing Voice

There are three major components needed to create a beautiful singing voice. Every singing strives to create that beautiful singing voice and here are the most important elements to accomplish that goal: breath support, resonance and emotion. Emotion is also an important element for playing the piano. This blog will give you tips to master these components when singing.

The first element for a beautiful voice is breath control (support)” which needs to be worked on continuously as a vocalist. Breathing is so natural and automatic to us; it's hard to believe that we could be doing it wrong. Breath exercises can dramatically improve the caliber of vocal performance. Each note and phrase relies on air being exhaled in steady stream, along with the diaphragm, to hold the notes in place. Proper breathing for a singer is crucial! Vocal exercises help with breath control and mastering the air flow (read blog 2/1/21 “How To Have Strong Breath Support When Singing”) for some good vocal exercises to build your breath support.

The second element is resonance, which creates the intensity and quality of your tone when you sing. The throat, oral cavity and nasal cavity create a deeper, fuller, reverberating sound in your singing voice. Resonance can be defined as a prolonged vibration and continuous frequency. That is what creates the intensity and quality of your voice when you sing. Your vocal cords vibrate which creates an echo of sound waves. These sound waves move through the vocal tract into the different registers. The sound (tone) will depend on which voice (chest, middle or head voice).

The last element for a beautiful singing voice is “Emotion.” The number one difference between a good singer and a great singer is feeling and an emotional undercurrent in their vocals. The same goes for a pianist, the difference between a good pianist and a great pianist is the feeing and emotion that comes across in their playing. To put emotion into your singing or playing piano, you must feel the emotion inside yourself. For any music performance, it’s the music or the lyrics that draw you in with the touch of sweet emotion that floods the senses.

If you would like help with your voice and want to master these techniques, just give me a call and schedule a vocal evaluation to find out what your strengths and weakness are when you sing. Listen to Lily Toreja singing “Stay” with all three of these elements in her vocals.


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