• Michelle Ostrove

The Most Important Elements When Singing or Play Piano!

There are lots of things your learn in a voice lessons or piano lesson, but the most important elements come from within you. The key to unlocking that certain something when you sing or play piano is passion and drive. Anyone can just sing a song, proper technique and precise pitch are important, but without the passion and drive (sparked emotion) the song will fall flat. You need to have that spark, ignited passion to bring the song to life. It’s a certain aggression (energy) to your performance.

I love working with kids because they come into the studio with excitement and passion, motivated by the love of music to sing or play piano. It’s a shame that as we get older, we can get constipated in our passion and luster for music. Let’s keep the wonder and excitement that a child has when singing a song.

As a performer, it is easy to lose that passion and excitement when singing the same song over and over again, night after night. Each time you sing a song, it should be like the very first time. You have to keep that energy, drive and aggression in the performance.

Christina Aguilera stated “technique is only a quarter of it, passion and drive is like 100% of it.”

Listen to this little cutie, Delilah Arroyo, sing “Dance Monkey” only two months into her voice lessons. You can see and hear in her performance that she has such passion and connection to the music when she sings.


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