• Michelle Ostrove


What does it mean when someone says “you have great tone?” The tone of your singing voice is the unique sound, color and timbre qualities that give you a distinctly different sound than anyone else. It is the overall sound of your voice. Singing tone is a combination of a few different things, but it basically means “the overall quality of sound in your voice”.

Tone also means the timbre (characteristic sound) of the voice. It is described as the complex sound waves, or unique “something” that gives your voice color and personality. Every voice has its own timbre or tone.

For example, which qualities does a voice have: a hoarse or smooth, hard or soft, broad or narrow, light or heavy, and many more variations of vocal tone. Ella Fitzgerald has a smoky aspect to her voice, whereas Celine Dion has a silky type of tone. Every singer has their own unique tone, depending on the shape of your sinus area, throat, larynx function, vocal folds, vocal tract and more. This is why siblings and family members blend well together.

If you think about all the different types of guitars, pianos, banjos, etc., they all have their own unique tone or sound. The tone of an instrument can be manipulated with different pedals, electronic gadgets, tuning and technique. The quality of your voice attracts the listeners. If you have wonderful tone and are not singing on pitch it will sound bad. That does not change your tone. You just need to adjust the note, your tone is good.


What kind of music do stars listen to? The starry blues.

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