• Michelle Ostrove


When you train your voice, you are looking to maintain balance regardless of what pitch, volume or style you are using. A well-balanced voice is what we strive for technically. When your technical foundation is sound, you have a solid foundation to leap off of stylistically.

Finding your vocal balance and learning how to maintain it takes time and consistency. When you fall out of balance you try to make up for whatever is lacking. The attempts to remedy the problem will actually create new problems.

Over time, too much compression will ultimately cause damage to your voice. When you over compress, or use too much lateral tension, you create problems, vocal breaks. You need to maintain a consistent amount of compression, balanced with the appropriate amount of airflow. When there is too much airflow, the vocal folds are overpowered and you will most likely end up with an airy and weak tone. You may find it difficult to produce any power or projection with your voice. Train your voice by keeping a steady airflow, proper amount of compression, and support from the diaphragm. When this vocal balance is present, your vocal folds operate and adjust to different pitches in a free and flexible manner without strain or squeezing. Maintain a good ratio between an efficient amount of airflow with an appropriate amount of compression and you’re on your way to a well-balanced voice! The best way to find your vocal balance is daily exercise and a knowledgeable instruction.


What do you do if you see a bleeding drummer running around in your back yard?

Stop laughing and shoot again.

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