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I’m sure you have heard songwriting terminology and you might be unsure about what the words really mean. It's important for any singer, songwriter, pianist and musician to understand the structure of a song. Let’s look at each part of the songwriting structure and understand exactly what each section is about.

The first part of a song is the “Intro” is exactly as it sounds…introduction! It is where the song starts and sometimes it reveals the melody of the verse or chorus. The intro is usually instrumental and this is where the writer can catch your attention right from the start.

The “verse” is the part of the song that reveals the story and the melody of a piece of music. The melody usually remains the same from verse to verse, but there are variations in the verses.

The pre-chorus which is a short section of the song, right before the chorus. The pre-chorus is usually a short line and no more that eight bars long. It is a nice prelude into the chorus, but is not essential and it sometimes left out.

The “chorus” is the section that contains “the hook” which is the bullseye for the song. The chorus usually has a repeated lyric and musical phrase that is the identity of the song. The song title is most likely in the chorus.

The “bridge” is normally found after the second chorus in most songs. It can be instrumental or contain lyrics. It is not necessary in a song, but is usually eight bars long and is used to provide a different melody and chord progression.

The last part of a song is the “coda” which is a special ending section. It is sometimes called the outro of a song. Think of it as the grand finale in a fireworks display!

There are different forms for creating a song, the standard way, or verse-chorus, verse-chorus using a pre-chorus, verse-chorus using a bridge, etc. The most important thing is to maintain your creativity in the songwriting process. If you are a singer songwriter, it’s important to write from personal experience to provide the emotion in your singing. If you play piano, use chords in a pattern to help create your verses and build your melody.


Why did the fish make such a good musician? He knew his scales.

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