• Michelle Ostrove


Every singer needs to know how to control the larynx. The larynx (voice box) is a tube-shaped organ in the neck. The larynx controls the vocal folds (which are inside the voice box) when you sing. When singing, your goal is to let the air pass freely through the larynx and not be restricted. This is part of the process to create a bigger and fuller sounding voice.

Instead of thinking about keeping the larynx down, just try keeping the larynx neutral. Most of the muscles in your neck are designed to keep the larynx high. To understand what it feels like to drop the larynx down, yawn and feel the larynx lower. You never want to force the larynx down because you will get tension (tight muscles) under the chin. Take your time and yawn, focus on the natural feeling of dropping the larynx, instead of forcing it down. What you are trying to achieve is an open throat.

When singing the high notes, be aware of the muscles in your neck; make sure you do not constrict (close up the throat) the airflow. Tension is very common with singers, but if there is tension it can be heard in the voice. Try singing the word “Mum” and go up to the high notes and keep the larynx down naturally.

The end result is to keep an open throat, no matter what note you are singing. Once this space is achieved, it has been my experience that a perfect blending of the registers is the result.


Why are jazz musicians so sweet?

Because they play in jam sessions.

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