Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Whenever you perform, your whole body should be used when you sing or play piano. When you use your entire body in a performance, it gives the audience visual variety. The entire body is your presentation.

For Singers: A singer’s instrument is their entire body, not just the vocal cords. When a singer only uses the voice for performance, the rest of the body shuts down. If you are relaxed, your body is open and free, which allows the sound waves to vibrate within your body. If you experience tension, such as locked knees, or shoulder and neck tension, the sound waves cannot vibrate within your body and your vocal sound is compromised. If the tension has become integrated into your technique, this may have a negative effect on your sound.

Focus on relaxing and using small movements at first. Next time you are singing, use hand gestures, relax the knees (don’t let them lock up) and move around a little. The small movements can help you feel more comfortable on stage. Rock and pop singers use their entire body when they sing. They don’t stand still and they mean every word that they sing! Remember that your whole body is your instrument as a singer. Movement can even help you hit difficult notes; it also helps to add more emphasis and meaning to a song.

For piano: A lot of beginner and intermediate piano players will use their fingers like they are typing on a keyboard. It’s important to stabilize your body by your feet, legs, & butt, so you can support your upper body. And your upper body will be more relaxed and flexible instead of being stiff. The upper body can go to the right, left, or forward. This way your fingers will be a lot more relaxed and move effortlessly. It's because your feet, legs, butt, upper body, elbows, & wrists are also doing the work, not just your fingers.

Next time you practice, notice if you have tension anywhere in your body. Take a couple of slow deep breaths and slowly exhale; let the tension melt away.

Watch one of my favorite performers, Chelsko, singing her own original song “Malibu Flames” and check out her other original songs and clips on her youtube channel.


Why are pianos so noble? Because many are upright and the others are grand.

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