Versatility As A Singer or Pianist

A great vocalist or pianist doesn’t have just one genre they stick to strictly. An impressive characteristic of a great singer or pianist is that they are versatile and can adapt to suit different styles of music. These artists are able to cross over to other genres of music by having an in-depth understanding of vocal technique and music theory. They use their arsenal of techniques and knowledge.

Keeping up to date on the latest techniques and daily practice is helpful to be able to have the vocal control you need to sing multiple styles of music. A great singer or pianist will know to avoid public performance until they have worked out all the kinks and have tried out the new style. If you have been well trained, you can try new things without fear of sounding poorly.

Learning to sing or play piano is an ongoing process that takes years to perfect. I’m amazed when someone assumes they can master their vocals in a few short weeks, it takes years. Just like playing piano or any other instrument, it takes years to master certain levels and perfect technique and style. So don’t be discouraged, it’s like anything else…it takes time. The more you put into your practice the faster you will reach your goal.


“I play all my country and western music backwards – your lover returns, your dog comes back and you cease to be an alcoholic.” Linda Smith

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