The mark of a weak singer is lack of control, weakness and feebleness in their voice. To improve your singing voice, you must have solid support for your singing. Having a solid support system when you sing let’s you produce clear and solid notes without any wavering. To be an excellent and strong singer you must have vocal support!

A solid vocal support system consists of a combination of things. First, you must have good posture, a hunched back or slouching shoulders does not provide proper support (seel 8/25/20 blog “Proper Posture”). The second element is proper breathing technique (see blog 9/12/20 about breath ”How Singing Works”). Optimal support comes from using the abdominal, pelvic and lower back muscles. By using these muscles as you inhale and exhale activates the diaphragm. Which brings us to the third element, engaging the diaphragm, which creates the power (see blog 8/28/20 about the diaphragm “Singing With Power”). Vocal exercises are important for the development and strengthening of your singing voice.

Using those three elements when you practice daily will produce a broad, fuller tone rather than a voice that sounds thin and feeble. You might place a thinner sound (with control) in a particular place in a song and you can do that with proper support as well. A good singer is capable of producing a strong and full voice. Using proper support makes it easier to hit those high notes with a solid and amazing sound. Contact a professional vocal coach to learn how to sing with proper vocal support. Listen to Natalie Rodriguez singing “One and Only” with strong vocal support in her singing!


“If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.” Johnny Carson

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