Do you enjoy singing holiday songs with friends and family? Singing is a fun tradition and the holiday season is the favorite time of year to enjoy the fun and traditional songs!

Have you ever started singing a song and realized the notes were too high or too low for you to sing? The pitch of the sound a person makes is determined by a few factors, involving the vocal cords, throat (pharynx) and vocal tract.

There was a study, which involved 12 men and 14 women, all professional opera singers. The study focused on what influenced a singer’s vocal range. The biggest factors influencing the range of a singer's voice were the size of the vocal cords, the size and shape of the vocal tract, and the shape of the throat (pharynx).

The singers with smaller cords and a narrow vocal tract will have a higher singing voice. The singer with longer cords and a wider vocal tract tend to have bigger voices and hit lower notes naturally. This should not stop you from trying to expand your range and really work at having a well-rounded voice.


Dad, why do the singers rock left and right while performing on stage? Because, son, it is more difficult to hit a moving target.

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