• Michelle Ostrove

What Does Articulation Mean?

Updated: Jan 9

The formation of clear and distinct sounds, clarity in playing or singing successive notes.

For a singer, articulation deals with the clarity, projection and conveyance of words sung using the tongue and the lips; singing clearly and precisely on the notes. When classical music is sung, articulation is very precise, the words and notes are very clear and crisp. In pop, contemporary and country music the notes and words are less crisp and precise; notes and words sometimes bend. I’ve attached Juan singing “Ali Di Liberta”, perfect example of articulation in his singing.

When playing piano, articulation has to do with the way you strike a piano key to make the desired sound. For instance, yesterdays blog on staccato, to get the staccato sound you must strike the keys a certain way. Or legato, playing the notes smoothly and connected.

Joke for the Day: What do you get if you cross a sweet potato and a jazz musician? A yam session

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