• Michelle Ostrove

What Does Music Do To The Brain?

Updated: Jan 6

Music impacts our brain function and our behavior. Music can reduce stress, reduce pain, and reduce symptoms of depressions. Music also improves cognitive function (the way our brain makes connections to remember new things and our reasoning through logic), motor skills, spatial-temporal learning (problem solving) and neurogenesis (brains ability to produce neurons).

As for young and senior adults, research shows that listening to music reduces anxiety, blood pressure, as well as improves your sleep, improves your mood, mental alertness and your memory. Playing piano is a wonderful brain exercise. So instead of Sudoku, learn to play the piano! Just as singing reduces stress and can make you feel happy!

Have you ever wondered why they say music enhances a child’s education; because music enhances their brain. Music provides a brain workout! So take your brain to the music gym today! Listen to this video of Alexi Myers singing "Creep", you can feel the emotion in her vocal performance.


What has forty feet and sings? The school choir!

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