Have you ever pulled up next to someone in your car and the sound system was blaring! The bass was just thumping causing a vibration, rattling, and buzzing sound. The sound is coming from them but the sympathetic vibration is felt in your car.

Similarly, when you are singing, there are different areas in your body vibrating in sympathy with the singing voice’s vocal folds (cords). You will feel different sympathetic vibrations in your nasopharynx (which is behind the ear). It is a little pocket located at the top of your pharynx.

Vocal resonance is a process by which sound is increase and from the sympathetic vibration, creates color in the voice, after leaving the vocal folds. There are actually a number of structures in your head that resonate when you sing. Such as the chest, larynx, pharynx, sinus area, oral cavity, and nasal cavity.

That is why we refer to the head voice, middle voice and chest voice; it is where you feel the vibration or resonance when you sing. Your diaphragm, throat, and mouth can be manipulated to affect the other resonators. Just think of how much resonance there is when you snore...lol!


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