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What Increases The Sound In Your Voice?

Updated: Mar 14

Every instrument has a resonator; the singing voice, piano, guitar, etc. A resonator is an apparatus that increases the resonance of the sound. Resonance is “the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating.”

The resonator for the voice is your vocal tract. It starts at the larynx and ends at the tip of your lips. When you sing, your voice is intensified and altered or modified by the vocal tract resonators. The resonators are the throat (container #1 of air), the mouth cavity and the nasal passage (container #2 of air). The vocal tract articulators are the tongue, soft palate, and lips; the articulators modify or alter the sound of your voice (see blog 12/14/20 “Your Own Personal Acoustic Chambers” and blog 12/12/20 “The Tools We Use To Sing – Articulators”). The resonator for a piano is the sounding board and the resonator for a stringed instrument is the “belly” of the instrument.

Take advantage of your vocal resonance when you are singing, it is a good way to increase the sound in your voice and give your voice more depth. Remember resonators are just containers of air (see blog 2/22/21 “How To Change The Sound Of Your Singing Voice”). Have your vocal coach give you some vocal exercises in your next voice lesson to help.


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