The opposite of singing with vibrato (a pulsating variation in pitch which was covered on Monday in the blog “What is Vibrato”) is to sing with straight tone (or what I call holding the note solid in the tone) with no variation in pitch. To do this you must use your diaphragm. What that means is to expand around your middle (lower portion of the rib cage), your chest should not move.

Try this exercise, sing “Silent Night”, on note for night, hold the “I” sound and gradually get louder! This is a great exercise for breath and pitch control, as well as holding the note with no vibrato. This exercise will force you to breath deeper using more of your lung capacity and it’s a great workout for you diaphragm.

To hold a note longer on a piano, you can use the damper pedal (the floor pedal on the right). This will sustain (hold) the sound. You can buy a pedal for the keyboard as well, which will do the same thing for a keyboard.

Listen to Lily Toreja sing "Future Love" and you can hear her holding the notes with no vibrato with a breathy voice.


What kind of music do elves like best?

Wrap Music!

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