What is Tone For A Voice or Instrument?

Have you ever heard someone say to a singer “I like how you sound” which is his or her tone. Have you ever noticed how pianos sound differently, Steinway verses Baldwin; instruments sound different depending on type and brand. What they are referring to is the specific tone of your voice or the way the instrument sounds. The specific qualities and colors (warm, dark, bright, harsh) of the sound differ from singer to singer, or one instrument to another instrument.

Every singer has their own unique tone, depending on the shape of your head, sinus area, and throat. This is why siblings and family members blend well together. You can manipulate your tone to change the sound with different techniques.

If you think about all the different types of guitars, pianos, banjos, etc., they all have their own unique tone or sound. The tone of an instrument can be manipulated as well, with different pedals, electronic gadgets, tuning and technique.

A musical tone is characterized by duration, pitch, intensity (loud or soft) and timbre (quality). The musical instrument tone is characterized by the instrument itself and playing technique. And the tone of a singer by his or her own unique physical structure creates the sound.


What makes music on your head? A head band!

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