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To figure out your vocal range, you must understand the term octave. An octave is a range of eight notes, or eight white keys on the piano. The eight music notes in an octave would be A, B, C, D, E, F, and G; the eighth note would be A; therefore from A to A would be an octave. When you sing an octave higher you are going up seven notes (eight counting the note you are on). Now that we have established that an octave consists of eight musical notes; in musical terms an octave is from C to the next C or D to the next D, etc.; either higher or lower. So for instance, if you begin at middle C (C4) and go up to the next highest C (C5), which is an octave higher; or begin at middle C (C4) and go down to the next lowest C (C3), which is an octave lower.

The average person has a vocal range of about one to one and a half octaves; which is eight to twelve notes. The top singer with the largest vocal range is Axl Rose (from Guns N’ Roses) who has almost a six-octave vocal range from F1 to Bb6. Next is Mariah Carey with a five-octave (plus) vocal range from F2 to G7 and she can reach notes in the 7th octave vocal range. Celine Dion also has a five-octave (plus) vocal range from Bb2 to C6 (E6) and she has the ability to project her voice in all registers. Christina Aguilera is next with a little over four-octave (plus) vocal range from C3 to C#7. Arianna Grande has just over a four-octave (plus) vocal range from D2 to E7. Do you know what your vocal range is? Call and schedule an evaluation with a professional vocal coach to find out.


Why doesn’t the bass work?

Because it only knows how to play.

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