• Michelle Ostrove


Why should a person seek out professional training? When a person has that raw, natural talent, it’s important to seek out professional training in the beginning to create good technique. If you don’t, it’s very easy to create bad habits that will cause problems down the road. I have worked with adults throughout the years that had some bad vocal habits which needed to be reversed and that takes a long time. Trying to fix the bad singing habits and learn how to sing correctly, is a much longer process. Your bad habits and techniques must be corrected, otherwise you are looking at vocal surgery or the worst-case scenario, you cannot sing anymore. It’s the same with piano, good technique and music understanding builds a solid foundation.

A qualified vocal coach or instructor can help you find your voice and avoid costly mistakes. They can help you build a strong foundation, so you’ll be able to apply what you learn and excel in your career, no matter where you end up.

It’s the same with piano, learning to play on your own is ok, but most likely bad habits will be formed that will cause damage to the wrist causing carpel tunnel or other problems. Learning the correct way will save a lot of time and help you progress faster. When a student learns how to play a song incorrectly, trying to correct the errors and learn the correct way to play a song is much longer process than learning how to play correctly the first time with a qualified piano teacher.

Setting a firm foundation for anything in life is always wise. Learning how to read music, understanding note values, time signatures, dynamics (loudness and softness), a good understanding of the treble and bass staff, tempo (BPM – beats per minute) are really important for a solid foundation. When a musician has a better understanding of the music, it reflects in their self-esteem, which reflects in their performance A good, solid, educated foundation sets a person up for success. Of course, you can have success without it, but you will always have that voice in the back of your mind, saying you’ve missed something or you might be doing it incorrectly.


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